Mach Modified Slick-Blue Fusion Assembly Lube 1oz

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Slick-Blue Assembly Lube, for Racing, Performance and just about everything….

Mach Modified Slick-Blue Assembly Lube is formulated to coat engine parts and provide exceptional wear protection. Designed initially for use in our race engines,  our Slick-Blue Fusion with highly specialized elements has proven to increase the life of all moving parts. Initial/Cold start up can wreck havoc on your engine, and destroy components with limited lubrication circulation.  Slick-Blue Fusion’s elemental base adheres to component surfaces, to prevent scuffing and galling during initial startup and break in.  Our assembly lube’s elemental base consistency is designed to dissolve in oil, fluidly distributing our specialized elements throughout the circulation process.  Since no base consistency is left to linger, oil port clogging, and deposit formations never occur in even the finest of ports and reliefs.