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  1. matt luna says:

    sir, baseball tees gonna be in stock soon?

  2. Kevin V. says:

    I am interested in the 39mm fork adjusters, on your site, it says will fit all 88- XL’s, but then ity says no 1200′s? what gives here, will they fit on my 2007 XL 50th aniv Sportster? I would like the polished type. Thank you: Kevin V.

  3. Mark says:


    It should say 1200S for the Sportster Sport Models which came with a cartridge style front end. Our adjusters will fit your 2007 model for sure. The Adjusters are only offered in machine finish or Black anodized. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Jonathan JV says:

    Saturday November 09, 2013 pn

    Re: The modified HD sportster on the latest Hot Bike mag

    I like the creative techno job, that you did to the HD sportster,
    it got my interest to do the same, just want to know about how
    much will, it cost to do a similar modification to my stock XLH
    frame, and/or a similar comparable frame for my ’90 XLH 883
    sportster. Other, than the billet triple trees for the forks, do you
    also make them in mild steel?, (possibly not?) for economical

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